Waste Management

At I.FRANTZIS and ASSOCIATES Ltd., we provide fully integrated technical solutions to the waste sector serving both Greece and specific international markets where we have strong client relationships or there are challenges for new co operations.

For more than 20 years, our waste management team of engineers, environmental scientists and planners, has helped customers develop the business opportunities in the Solid Waste Sector while protecting communities and the natural environment.

Our waste management philosophy follows the established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal.

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Environmental Services

We have extensive experience in undertaking planning and environmental impact assessments (E.I.A.) for a wide range of projects that are mainly focused in waste and renewable energy resources sectors.

At I. FRANTZIS and ASSOCIATES Ltd., we have the experts to deliver all stages of the E.I.A. process, whether that be undertaking the entire E.I.A., or assisting at one or more of the key stages. We can support the E.I.A. with specialists from all of the relevant environmental topic areas.

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Engineering Services

As an engineering firm we have extensive experience with solving demanding tasks in such a way that the results become an optimal part of the overall system and function reliably in practice.

In addition, we offer our customers services covering the entire process e.g. solutions within the framework of Integrated Solid Waste Management.

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