25/07/2019: Signing of the Contract: Optimizing Municipal Waste Management in Greece – Introducing Effective Separate Waste Collection and Cost-Accounting, and Making Use of Economic Instruments, GIZ

11/09/2019: Signing of the Contract: Studies for the implementation of the Waste Treatment Facility and Landfill of residues in Northern Evros, Greece
September 13, 2019

This Contract was signed the 27th day of July 2019, by and between the BlackForest Solutions GmbH and I.FRANTZIS and ASSOCIATES LTD.

I.Frantzis and Associates Ltd will provide Experts for the following tasks:

  • Area of Intervention 1: Separate collection of Municipal Waste
  • Area of Intervention 2: Improvement of cost accounting in MSW
  • Area of Intervention 3: Use of Economic Instruments for Waste Management
  • Area of Intervention 4: Separate Collection for bio-waste