2-3/10/2018: Participation in the “Waste Management 2018 Exhibition” Kyiv, Ukraine

01/06/2018: Signing of the Contract: “Studies for the implementation of the Waste Treatment Facility of the Eastern Region of Central Macedonia”
June 6, 2018
28/9/2018: Signing of the Contract: Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of the Special Spatial Planning for Tourism.
October 4, 2018
The consultant’s company I. Frantzis & Associates Ltd. is going to participate in the “Waste Management 2018 Exhibition” which is to take place in Kyiv οn 02-03 October 2018.
Mr. Ioannis Frantzis is going to have a speech at the Session 2: Sorting and Recycling of Waste and the topic of his presentation is: “The role of MBT in SWM within future challenges”.